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Canadian postal codes are alphanumeric. They are in the format A1A 1A1, which is a six-character string that forms part of a postal address in Canada where A is a letter and 1 is a digit. Canada doesn’t have zip codes as the USA does. Canada uses postal codes similar to this one ( T6X 0Z4). The first letter indicates the province, i.e. tells us that it is in Alberta.

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They are in the format A1A 1A1, where A is a letter and 1 is a digit, with a space separating the third and fourth characters. As of October 2019, there were 876,445 postal codes using Forward Sortation Areas from A0A in Newfoundland to Y1A in the Yukon.


What is the ZIP code of Canada List of All States 2022

the ZIP code of Canada


Do you think an entire country shares a zip code?

Of course, it has none per se, Canada uses “postal codes”, and there are a few million postal codes within Canada.

What is my 5-digit zip code in Canada?

What is my 5-digit zip code in Canada? If you are prompted for your ZIP code, simply enter your three-digit ZIP code plus two zeros. So for example, if your zip code is A2B 3C4, the 5-digit number you need to enter is 23400.


What is the ZIP code of Canada?

Canada has its own postal system called, wait for it, postal codes! Amazingly it’s modeled on the British system and much more flexible than (read better) zip codes. Zipcodes only allow for less than 100,000 addresses whereas postal codes allow for millions.


City postal zones

37 Bloor Street West
Toronto 5, Ontario

804 Robson Street,
Vancouver 1, B.C.

1253 Bay Street
Toronto 185, Ontario

Using Canadian Postal Codes

In areas outside of the Postal Code ranges listed below, you can enter one of the following standard Province and Territory Symbols to localize the costs using the Province or Territory average Local Multiplier:

AB Alberta

BC British Columbia

MB Manitoba

NB New Brunswick

NF Newfoundland

NS Nova Scotia

NU Nunavut

NT Northwest Territories

ON Ontario

PE Prince Edward Island

QC Quebec

SK Saskatchewan

YT Yukon

What is the zip code for Toronto, Canada?

ZIP code of Canada
Lower Postal Code Upper Postal Code  Area of Local Multiplier
A0A 0A0 A0C 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
A0E 0A0 A0E 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
A0G 0A0 A0H 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
A0J 0A0 A0N 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
A0P 0A0 A0P 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
A0R 0A0 A0R 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
A1A 0A0 A1G 9Z9 St. Johns, NF
A1V 0A0 A1V 9Z9 Gander, NF
A2H 0A0 A2H 9Z9 Corner Brook, NF
B0A 0A0 B0A 9Z9 Cape Breton, NS
B0B 0A0 B0W 9Z9 New Brunswick Average
B1N 0A0 B2A 9Z9 Sydney, NS
B2H 0A0 B2H 9Z9 New Glasgow, NS
B2N 0A0 B2N 9Z9 Truro, NS
B2V 0A0 B3B 9Z9 Dartmouth, NS
B3H 0A0 B3S 9Z9 Halifax, NS
C0A 0A0 C0B 9Z9 Charlottetown, PE
C1A 0A0 C1E 9Z9 Charlottetown, PE
E1A 0A0 E1G 9Z9 Moncton, NB
E1N 0A0 E1N 9Z9 North Shore Area, NB
E2H 0A0 E2P 9Z9 St. John, NB
E2Y 0A0 E2Y 9Z9 Fredericton, NB
E3A 0A0 E3C 9Z9 Fredericton, NB
E3V 0A0 E3V 9Z9 Edmundston, NB
G0A 0A0 G0C 9Z9 Quebec Average
G0E 0C0 G0E 9Z9 Quebec Average
G0G 0A0 G0H 9Z9 Quebec Average
G0J 0A0 G0N 9Z9 Quebec Average
G0P 0A0 G0P 9Z9 Quebec Average
G0R 0A0 G0T 9Z9 Quebec Average
G0W 0B0 G0Z 9Z9 Quebec Average
G1A 0A0 G2Z 9Z9 Quebec City
G4R 0A0 G4S 9Z9 Sept Iles
G5L 0A0 G5N 9Z9 Rimouski
G7G 0A0 G7K 9Z9 Chicoutimi
G7S 0A0 G8A 9Z9 Jonquiere
G8Y 0A0 G9C 9Z9 Trois-Rivieres
H1A 0A0 H4Z 9Z9 Montreal
H7A 0A0 H7Z 9Z9 Laval
H9P 0A0 H9S 9Z9 Montreal
J0A 0A0 J0C 9Z9 Quebec Average
J0E 0A0 J0E 9Z9 Quebec Average
J0G 0A0 J0H 9Z9 Quebec Average
J0J 0A0 J0N 9Z9 Quebec Average
J0P 0B0 J0P 9Z9 Quebec Average
J0R 0A0 J0T 9Z9 Quebec Average
J0V 0A0 J0Z 9Z9 Quebec Average
J1E 0A0 J1M 9Z9 Sherbrooke
J2A 0A0 J2E 9Z9 Drummondville
J8X 0A0 J9A 9Z9 Hull
J9P 0A0 J9P 9Z9 Val d’Or
J9X 0A0 J9X 9Z9 Rouyn
K0A 0A0 K0C 9Z9 Ontario Average
K0E 0A0 K0E 9Z9 Ontario Average
K0G 0A0 K0H 9Z9 Ontario Average
K0J 0B0 K0M 9Z9 Ontario Average
K1A 0A0 K4A 9Z9 Ottawa
K6V 0A0 K6V 9Z9 Brockville
K7K 0A0 K7P 9Z9 Kingston
K8N 0A0 K8R 9Z9 Belleville
K8V 0A0 K8V 9Z9 Trenton
K9H 0A0 K9L 9Z9 Peterborough
K9V 0A0 K9V 9Z9 Lindsay
L0A 0A0 L0C 9Z9 Ontario Average
L0E 0A0 L0E 9Z9 Ontario Average
L0G 0A0 L0H 9Z9 Ontario Average
L0J 0A0 L0N 9Z9 Ontario Average
L0P 0B0 L0S 9Z9 Ontario Average
L1G 0A0 L1R 9Z9 Oshawa
L2E 0A0 L2J 9Z9 Niagara Falls
L2M 0A0 L2W 9Z9 St. Catharines
L3V 0A0 L3V 9Z9 Orillia
L4M 0A0 L4N 9Z9 Barrie
L6S 0A0 L7A 9Z9 Brampton
L8A 0A0 L9K 9Z9 Hamilton
M1A 0A0 M9Z 9Z9 Toronto
N0A 0C0 N0C 9Z9 Ontario Average
N0E 0A0 N0E 9Z9 Ontario Average
N0G 0A0 N0H 9Z9 Ontario Average
N0J 0A0 N0M 9Z9 Ontario Average
N0P 0A0 N0P 9Z9 Ontario Average
N0R 0A0 N0R 9Z9 Ontario Average
N1C 0A0 N1L 9Z9 Guelph
N1P 0A0 N1T 9Z9 Cambridge
N2A 0A0 N2H 9Z9 Kitchener
N2J 0A0 N2L 9Z9 Waterloo
N2M 0A0 N2R 9Z9 Kitchener
N2T 0A0 N2V 9Z9 Waterloo
N3C 0A0 N3H 9Z9 Cambridge
N3P 0A0 N3V 9Z9 Brantford
N4K 0A0 N4K 9Z9 Owen Sound
N5V 0A0 N6Z 9Z9 London
N7S 0A0 N7X 9Z9 Sarnia
N8N 0A0 N9J 9Z9 Windsor
P0A 0A0 P0C 9Z9 Ontario Average
P0E 0E0 P0E 9Z9 Ontario Average
P0G 0A0 P0H 9Z9 Ontario Average
P0J 0A0 P0M 9Z9 Ontario Average
P0P 0A0 P0P 9Z9 Ontario Average
P0R 0A0 P0T 9Z9 Ontario Average
P0V 0B0 P0Y 9Z9 Ontario Average
P1A 0A0 P1C 9Z9 North Bay
P3A 0A0 P3G 9Z9 Sudbury
P4N 0A0 P4R 9Z9 Timmins
P6A 0A0 P6C 9Z9 Sault Ste. Marie
P7A 0A0 P7G 9Z9 Thunder Bay
R0A 0B0 R0C 9Z9 Manitoba Average
R0E 0A0 R0E 9Z9 Manitoba Average
R0G 0A0 R0H 9Z9 Manitoba Average
R0J 0A0 R0M 9Z9 Manitoba Average
R2A 0A0 R3Z 9Z9 Winnipeg
R7A 0A0 R7B 9Z9 Brandon
R8N 0A0 R8N 9Z9 Thompson
S0A 0A0 S0C 9Z9 Saskatchewan Average
S0E 0A0 S0E 9Z9 Saskatchewan Average
S0G 0A0 S0H 9Z9 Saskatchewan Average
S0J 0A0 S0N 9Z9 Saskatchewan Average
S0P 0A0 S0P 9Z9 Saskatchewan Average
S4N 0A0 S4Z 9Z9 Regina
S6H 0A0 S6K 9Z9 Moose Jaw
S6V 0A0 S6V 9Z9 Prince Albert
S7H 0A0 S7Z 9Z9 Saskatoon
S9A 0A0 S9A 9Z9 North Battleford
T0A 0A0 T0C 9Z9 Alberta Average
T0E 0A0 T0E 9Z9 Alberta Average
T0G 0A0 T0H 9Z9 Alberta Average
T0J 0A0 T0M 9Z9 Alberta Average
T0P 0B0 T0P 9Z9 Alberta Average
T1A 0A0 T1C 9Z9 Medicine Hat
T1H 0A0 T1K 9Z9 Lethbridge
T1Y 0A0 T3Z 9Z9 Calgary
T4N 0A0 T4R 9Z9 Red Deer
T5A 0A0 T6Z 9Z9 Edmonton
T8V 0A0 T8X 9Z9 Grande Prairie
V0A 0A0 V0B 9Z9 Cranbrook
V0C 0A0 V0C 9Z9 Prince George
V0E 0A0 V0G 9Z9 Kamloops
V0H 0A0 V0H 9Z9 Penticton
V0K 0A0 V0K 9Z9 Kamloops
V0L 0A0 V0L 9Z9 Prince George
V0N 0A0 V0N 9Z9 Vancouver
V0P 0A0 V0P 9Z9 Port Alberni
V0R 0A0 V0R 9Z9 Prince George
V1C 0A0 V1C 9Z9 Cranbrook
V1L 0A0 V1L 9Z9 Nelson
V1R 0A0 V1R 9Z9 Trail
V1S 0A0 V1S 9Z9 Kamloops
V1V 0A0 V1Z 9Z9 Kelowna
V2A 0A0 V2A 9Z9 Penticton
V2B 0A0 V2E 9Z9 Kamloops
V2H 0A0 V2H 9Z9 Kamloops
V2K 0A0 V2N 9Z9 Prince George
V5A 0A0 V7Z 9Z9 Vancouver
V8J 0A0 V8J 9Z9 Prince Rupert
V8N 0A0 V9E 9Z9 Victoria
V9R 0A0 V9V 9Z9 Nanaimo
V9Y 0A0 V9Y 9Z9 Port Alberni
X0A 0A0 X0C 9Z9 Nunavut Average
X0D 0A0 X0G 9Z9 Northwest Territories Average
X1A 0A0 X1A 9Z9 Yellowknife
Y0A 0A0 Y0B 9Z9 Whitehorse
Y1A 0A0 Y1A 9Z9 Whitehorse

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